We have a new website here: www.untitledensemble.ca

We will be announcing all concerts and activities through that site  starting now - this page will be left to direct those of you that have found the ensemble through my personal page :)

The [Un]titled Ensemble is a chamber music project that strives to explore lesser known historical and current chamber music with an emphasis on works by women.

This project also strives to create new and fluid groups of musicians to match the repertoire of each show, creating a meeting place and a resource for musicians who want to play chamber music, but do not have an established ensemble. Pre-formed ensembles are welcome, but encouraged to include and take part in different chamber ensembles within each concert.

We are in the planning stages at this point so if you are interested in playing, or interested in following our progress and attending events and concerts, it is the perfect time to get in touch.

If you are a fan of chamber music and want to suggest your favourite underplayed composer or piece, let us know!

Currently Listening to: Lisa Sobel

Upcoming Events & Shows

Planning Meeting!


February 28, 2020 @ 7:30pm


Email Beth for location if you are interested in getting involved and want to attend the first rehearsal/meeting


This meeting will be part planning part playing.

Bring your suggestions for repertoire, concert venues, events and anything else you can think of, and one or two pieces of music you'd like to read through.

We will have discussion for the first half of the meeting, snacks will be available, then we will read through some music. Participation in the read through is optional but encouraged!