Yes, it's the little things.

Posted by Elizabeth on Saturday, September 29, 2012 Under: everyday music
I've recently started a program at BCIT which involves me getting up at 5:30am every weekday. It's amazing what it's done to my productivity! Suddenly, although I have way more to do, I'm producing way more reeds, practicing more and feeling deliciously alive.

Don't listen to anyone who tells you to slow down and do less when you're doing things you love. Do as much as you can (and sometimes you can do more than you think!)

I have TWO delightful reeds and a bunch of okay ones. Such bliss!

Now I need to decide before Monday if I want to move in a year and do exciting things but maybe lose the chance to play regularly with Sinfonia or stay and do slightly less exciting things. Hmmm.

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