Posted by Elizabeth on Friday, February 22, 2019 Under: everyday music
Finally bought a humidifier so I can stop boiling water all the time. As a west coast oboist, I was clearly not prepared for Ontario humidity levels (or lack thereof in the winter)!

So far:

- Lorée oboe cracks by posts, between trill keys, around old pin
- Lorée english horn bell crack (twice - once at the Thunder Bay audition, and again recently)
- Yamaha Lined oboe bell crack!!!!! :(

I feel cursed. Luckily I have a very good technician in Alessandro Garcia, so I now have both the Lorée instruments back in prime condition again, but I really wanted to rely on the yamaha for the cold and dry winter season. Harrumph. Hopefully it's a quick fix.

If any Ontarians are reading this and have tips for instrument care in the dry winter, I would love to hear your secrets!!

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