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That's right. For no particular reason, though maybe because I've taken a liking to the poor things, maligned as they are by all who aspire to play them, ignore them, listen to them and even, sometimes, make them, I've taken up learning to produce sounds on the violin.

I really like the violin. I feel like I should be at a WLVA* meeting, or something. Hardly ANYONE I know will admit to liking violins, or their players, or their sound. EVEN people who play them are always "ick, violin!" when pressed. (we won't go into the amount of oboe jokes told by oboists at this point). Poor things. I like them. 

Unfortunately, the violin is bloody hard to learn. I bought a practice mute, but it's not very fun to practice with as it eats up all the overtones and makes my (admittedly fairly cheap) violin sound like a lump of concrete with strings. I'm getting pretty tired of the one book I bought, and I can mostly play the notes in it, but the bowing is....something else. I suppose I should take another lesson. 

What? Don't look at me like that! I know. I KNOW. I'll book the lesson RIGHT AFTER CHRISTMAS I promise. Really. 

The oboe is pretty sulky about the whole thing, I think.  I'll make it some nice colourful reeds for the new year, though, and I'm sure it'll forgive me**. 

*We Like Violins Anonymous 
**I may have to buy it and my housemates some nice earplugs for christmas, though! 

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