Untitled Ensemble Emerges!

Posted by Elizabeth on Thursday, January 23, 2020 Under: everyday music
I'm stupidly excited to be organizing a chamber ensemble. I'm excited about the venues in Toronto that are available, I'm excited about researching repertoire, I'm excited about playing the repertoire, I'm excited about my instrument, I'm excited about my reeds. 

It's almost an unbearable amount of excitement. 

I'm back to scheduling my practice time, which is great, and scheduling my downtime (with help from a certain person in my life) which is even better. I've noticed that I work well with many things on the go, but I do have a tendency to push myself till I burst into flames, so I'm hoping by actually scheduling down time, I'll be able to reach a balanced level of burning the wick at both ends.

In other news, my oboe is still great. But I think I might want a wider shaper tip for my english horn reeds...the new ones feel....wimpy. Maybe it's the cane though....

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