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I've been off and on sick for the last couple of months and it's played havoc with my practicing. I'm on my second round of antibiotics for an ear infection that had just enough bite left in it to come back after my most recent brush with the flu. I am going to get the flu shot as soon as I'm well again, but DAMN ear infections are annoying.  If it were just the ear I could probably practice - it sounds really weird (like wearing one ear plug) but at least I could keep in shape and just do some studies. However, I have a cough left over from the flu that simply will not stop. I've gone through a whole bag of lozenges just today. Ugh.

So, the cough notwithstanding, I'm going to try to do a little playing today...mostly to convince myself that I still can play my instrument. I'm going to try not to be too critical (because I haven't played in a week and it's bound to sound terrible) and just focus on finger technique. Maybe some slow scale work and repetitive motion exercises. Must resist the urge to work on reeds. I always ruin them when I can't hear out of one ear (HA and this surprises me why, again??).

I've been wishing I had regular rehearsals lately - I'm not playing enough with others and that always annoys me - getting sick on chamber music nights is a bummer, too. Gah. Very ready to not be sick!  

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