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OperaFeHk is gearing up to do a show on November 30th again. I'm both terrified and excited (and mildly alarmed that I've become rather used to this particular mix of emotions).

The amount of fiddly details involved in pulling this show together each year always astounds me - I never meant to become involved with (what has really become) an opera company. You'd think the name would have alerted me to Grimey's plans, but I can be a little dense sometimes.

Singers. Actors. SINGERS WHO ARE ALSO ACTING. Madness I tell you, madness.

At least we have a competent* composer and lots of beer.

*not easily hurt, can be locked in small spaces for retrieval at a later time, accepts repeated nagging and even produces music that's fun to play! (NO, you CANNOT HAVE HIM)**
**actually you probably can, but you might have to talk to him about it and promise not to lock him in small spaces.

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