Music Gallery Residency T-2 days

Posted by Elizabeth on Sunday, January 29, 2023 Under: everyday music
I don't think I've ever had a full week of 8 hour days dedicated to oboe. That seems absurd, as I've spent years obsessing over the silly little instrument and it's glorious cousin the english horn, but I think it's true. I've spend hours and hours on end on reeds, practicing, rehearsing, but it has always been interspersed with other responsibilities - classes, jobs, etc.

This week, I will have a full day, each day, for a week, where I can focus on whatever aspect of oboe or music that I'd like to.  My ideas around what this will entail have changed a little bit since I found out I was selected for this residency, but my wonder at being able to take a full week off from my day job, to focus on just music, has not diminished in the slightest. Tomorrow I'm going to revise my plan again, and make lists to make sure I don't forget anything, but tonight I'm just excited. What an incredible program! I'm so grateful to the Music Gallery and their artistic director, Sanjeet Takhar, for coming up with this residency.

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