hardware malfunctions

Posted by Elizabeth on Saturday, February 25, 2012 Under: everyday music
Seriously low on reeds. Having the dull knife problem again. Ugh. I've also somehow damaged the side of my shaper tip with the razor while shaping cane, so now every time I shape a piece of cane the razor catches and it's super hard not to destroy it. AUGH. Not sure how it happened, but I might have to buy a new shaper tip - it's getting really annoying.

Playing Beethoven 4 tonight - I'm still not sure I like it (which is a horrible thing to say, I know, but it just never grew on me). Usually learning a piece makes me like it more, but there's not that much for the oboes in this one - a couple cool parts for second and some little first solos, but it seems to be all about the bassoon. It's...neat, but it doesn't draw me in the way some other Beethoven works do. Still, good to be playing the lesser known stuff.

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