Fast and Furious February

Posted by Elizabeth on Saturday, February 4, 2012 Under: everyday music
And Suddenly I haven't got a moment to breathe. It's always the same; no work followed by what seems like every single person you know calling you for a show on the same weekend. Reeds are being challenging, too. Sunday is going to have to consist of some very intense reedmaking and practicing because I have at least one rehearsal every day after that until the next Tuesday. Yoiks.

I'm feeling surprisingly good, though, considering I took about three weeks off being sick.

I haven't been teaching at all recently, which has been kind of nice - but I'm starting to miss it. Probably time to give a few parents a call and see if they're less busy now and want to set up a time with me...except that I have no time! Ha. Busy is good but it makes being flexible for parents a bit harder. I'm considering trying teaching at an academy again, just one day a week, to see if I can have a better experience with it than the last time I tried it.

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