A reed and 5 oboes

Posted by Elizabeth on Monday, July 31, 2023 Under: everyday music
I've taken almost a week away from the oboe. That's how I know I'm more than flirting with burnout. 

Today though. Today I met with two extremely generous women who are lending me their time and expertise. I finished a reed I started 2 weeks ago and left in my reed case, and I _like_ it. I compared my oboe to 4 other oboes, and still liked it better. Even the Howarth - though there's something very satisfying about it's key-work that I can't fully describe.

Today was good. 

I'll keep reaching out and trying to connect with people that inspire me, even if most of the time I can't imagine why they'd be interested. AH imposter syndrome, the Agony.

In : everyday music 

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